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Nordbok - Nordic Literature and Library Committee - aims at strengthening the dissemination of Nordic literature in the Nordic countries. Twice a year, Nordbok grants financial support for the translation of Nordic literature. Once a year, Nordbok also supports the translation of Baltic and Russian literature into the Nordic languages and vice versa.

One might apply for:

Support for inter-Nordic translation of Nordic literature

Support for the translation of Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Russian literature into the Nordic languages and vice versa

Scholarship for translators who work with translations from Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian into one or more of the Nordic languages (new in 2004) Applications

Applications must be written on Nordboks application forms. Application forms and guidelines might be obtained from Nordboks secretariat or downloaded from Nordboks web pages www.nordbok.org. The general guidelines for the inter-Nordic translation grant also apply for the support of translations of Baltic and Russian literature.

The application must be sent to Nordboks secretariat with all necessary enclosures.


Nordbok, ABM-utvikling, Postbox 8145 Dep, N-0033 Oslo, Norway

Phone: +47 23 11 75 00, fax: +47 23 11 75 01, e-mail: nb@nordbok.org e-mail -. Java-script

-. . 8 (812) 336 75 80.





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